In the last episode (Jun 12), arden said:
> my company is sending me on an aix/rs6000 course next month Ive been
> using Linux as my main OS for 2 years (thats when M$ went for good
> from my home :) )and been "playing" with BSD for about 6 months
> are there any fundamental differences i should be aware of before
> admitting any knowledge of *nix

AIX feels sort of like Microsoft's "Windows Services for UNIX" package
from my perspective.  Most of the commands you will want to use work,
but they're sort of on top of something that's not standard Unix at
all. It doesn't use syslog, for example; it uses a binary log you must
run "errpt" to read.  Memory management is difficult to tune as well
(and you will need to tune it almost immediately).  There's an rc.d
directory, but it's only used for 3rd-party apps; none of the AIX
packages use it.  After using AIX, I realize why IBM is pushing Linux
so much.

In other words, Unix knowledge will help, but not as much as it might
for other Unix-like systems.  Pay attention at the course :)

        Dan Nelson
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