Hi people,
  i am installing devl/tcllib1.6, but it hang during some testing, here is
the output: (making on freebsd 4.8):

Sourced 72 Test Files.
Files with failing tests: doctools/docidx.test doctools/doctoc.test
doctools/doctools.test fileutil/fileutil.test ntp/time.test
textutil/adjust.test textutil/adjust_hyph.test
Number of tests skipped for each constraint:
        6       badTest
        1       bwidget
        2       knownBug
        44      knownBug sf-tcllib-bug-581781
        1       load-dependent
        20      md5crypt_c
        1       pc
        5       pcOnly
        5       tcl8.3only

and i am doing this by portupgrade, can I ctrl-C it? and how can I install
this? thanks for any idea!


Best regards

Tsu-Fan Cheng
Department of Pathology
SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794
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