In the last episode (Jun 13), Palle Girgensohn said:
> --On Sunday, June 13, 2004 15:00:47 -0500 Dan Nelson 
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >In the last episode (Jun 13), Palle Girgensohn said:
> >>I should really do this mount with tcp, of course, but found no way
> >>to get a running nfsd to also start accepting tcp (nfsd runs with
> >>"-n 6 -u", no -t). Is there a way to tell a running nfsd to start
> >>accepting tcp connections?
> >
> >Just bounce nfsd after changing nfs_server_flags in rc.conf.
> bounce, you mean like kill -USR1 ? Surely, nfsd does not read
> rc.conf, so kill -USR1 #pid && nfsd -t ...? Is that safe when the
> server has active clients?

In 5.x, you can run /etc/rc.d/nfsd restart, which does read rc.conf. 
In 4.x and earlier, you'll have to kill and restart it manually, like
you wrote.  Clients shouldn't notice anything except a short delay if
they try to do something while nfsd is down on the server.

        Dan Nelson
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