Hi all,

Apologies in advance for what might be a dumb question - but I have searched Readmes, 
UPDATE, Handbook, FAQ, Google, without finding the answer ...

In FreeBSD 4, there was a /etc/defaults/make.conf; and a /etc/make.conf with my own 
make overrides.

But when I install FreeBSD 5.2.1, there is no make.conf in the /etc/defaults 
directory. Also, /etc/make.conf only contains a couple of lines; nothing about CFLAGS, 

Was there a deliberate design change in 5.x to remove the default make.conf? And if 
so, can I just use a make.conf from one of my 4.x boxes copied to /etc/make.conf? Or 
should I now specify my make over-rides in some new way?

Many thanks for any guidance!

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