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> Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 19:24:52 -0500
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> To: Bob Perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: Help With Selection of Database Application
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> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 19:48:21 -0400
> Bob Perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I've had extensive experience with MS Access as a user 
> > and would like to port a comparable system into my FreeBSD 
> > box. Can anyone recommend a database application similar to 
> > Access?  I've looked through the ports but can't seem 
> > to readily make that distinction without the expertise 
> > of a DBA.
> > 
> > If this is not the type of question supported by this 
> > mailing list, please disregard.
> > 
> > Bob Perry
> I also use MS Access extensively at work.  MS Access has many facets; so
> the answer to you're question depends upon how you use MS Access:
> 1.  If you've been using MS Access as a database server, I think you'll
> be much happier with the likes of PostgreSQL, MySQL or Firebird.  All 3
> are available in the ports.
> 2.  If you're looking for a database application with GUI RAD
> capabilities similar to MS Access, there are some applications
> available; but most focus on database administration (simple queries)
> rather than end-user application development.  You might take a look at
> PgAdmin III, which is crossplatform, but requires PostgreSQL as the
> back-end server.  You can find it in the ports
> (/usr/ports/databases/pgadmin3) or at: 
> http://www.pgadmin.org/pgadmin3/index.php
> There is also a KDE project called "Kexi", which looks promising; but I
> don't think it's soup yet:  http://www.kexi-project.org
> 3.  If you're looking for a GUI that facilitates joining/analyzing
> tables from different servers (PostgreSQL and MySQL tables, for
> example), I think you're out of luck.
> I run a PostgreSQL server on FreeBSD at work.  It supplements the
> Decision Support System and handles the back-end for a few MS Access
> applications.  The combo works very well as long as your binary fields
> (boolean, etc) are defined as "not null" with default values.
> Best of luck,
> Andrew Gould


This is exactly the type of information I was looking for.  Thanks 
so much for taking the time.

The Kexi project is what I was hoping for however, I'm not 
running KDE and the project, as you say, is not soup yet.

I like the PgAdmin III project and intend to give it a good 
look see.

Thanks again for your help.

Bob Perry

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