On Monday 14 June 2004 10:01, Andrew McLaren wrote:
> No, I read the man page :-)  I may be stupid, but I am not lazy :-))  The
> man page also helpfully says "This man page may occasionally be out of
> date" so, while it's a useful document, it is not necessarily the final
> arbiter of correctness.

I never said you were stupid nor lazy...

> What confused me was that /etc/default/make.conf had disappeared.

Well, the thing is I think make.conf disappeared from /etc/defaults because 
there's no default defined for the system.
If you take /etc/defaults/rc.conf for exemple, you can see that cron is 
enabled by default --> you can override this by setting it in /etc/rc.conf ; 
but for make.conf, there's nothing defined, everything is commented by 
default, so there's no overrides.
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