On 06/13/04 05:02 PM, Edward Hendrie sat at the `puter and typed:
>     Why do you have a Devil for a trademark mascot?  From a
>     marketing perspective, you are shooting yourselves in the foot.
>     There are many people of various religious backgrounds who will
>     be dissuaded from trying FreeBSD because they have religious
>     objections to a product that is promoted by a devil.

As has been stated on this list EVERY DARN TIME this subject is
brought up, it's not a Devil, it's a daemon, and there IS a
difference.  Let the religious fanatics figure it out for themselves.
If they're too blinded by zeal to READ about it, that's their problem.
Yes, there is a link on the site, but I've not had my coffee yet, so
someone else will probably post it, or you can try LOOKING for it

>     You may think that is a small issue, but when you are trying to
>     create market awareness you need a mascot that evokes simplicity
>     and goodwill, not one that evokes evil and deception.

No, you're thinking of a butterfly.  If you look up the origins of the
daemon, you'll find that it is exactly the right mascot for FreeBSD.
It precedes the judeo-christion concept of the devil.

>     Look at how MSN is marketing its ISP.  They use characters
>     dressed in harmless butterfly costumes.  Linux, has done the
>     same with its pudgy cute penguin.  You might want to rethink
>     your mascot.

No, I think that butterfly is the stupidest mascot I've ever seen.  I
also think the daemon is one of the coolest.  And judging from past
responses to this question, there are lots of people who will get good
and angry at any concerted effort to remove it.

And using a butterfly doesn't mean anything more than M$ spends too
much money on marketing and not enough money FIXING their software.

If this thread is to be productive, someone will think of a real
mascot that was even dumber than that guy in a butterfly suit.
Now that's a challenge.

Sorry if the tone here is a little cranky.  As I said, I haven't had
my coffee yet . . .

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