Please realize that I am not an official
representative of FreeBSD, nor any organization
associated to it.

--- Edward Hendrie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>     Why do you have a Devil for a trademark mascot? 


> From a marketing perspective, 


> you are shooting yourselves in the
> foot.  There are many people
> of various religious backgrounds who will be
> dissuaded from trying FreeBSD
> because they have religious objections to a product
> that is promoted by a
> devil.

Again... daemon.

As well they may, that type of individual is not the
"target demographic".  FreeBSD is typically a *nix
type OS that "makes an ideal Internet or Intranet

If a person will make a critical judgement on their OS
not by quality of code and system stability, but by
what animated mascot is on a website, frankly (and I
mean this in the kindest, most pleasant manner, also
NOT a representative of FreeBSD) I don't feel that the
FreeBSD community wants/needs such an individual. 

>     You may think that is a small issue, but when
> you are trying to create
> market awareness you need a mascot that evokes
> simplicity and goodwill, not
> one that evokes evil and deception.

Once again, marketing awareness is not necessarily the
primary goal.  The gifted individuals (whom I hold in
the utmost reverance) who actually code the OS, and
make a solid, stable OS for us mear leaches who
benifit from their good will.  If you wish to
influence the community, become a committer, get into
the core group, and then you will be in a powerful
position to voice your concerns.  Shouldn't take too
long I expect.

Again... a daemon (day-mon) (pre-Christian influence)
is intended as follows (from

A spirit, or immaterial being, holding a middle place
between men and deities in pagan mythology.

A spirit running errands/a program carrying out
commands.  No "evil and deception" intended.  

>     Look at how MSN is marketing its ISP.  They use
> characters dressed in
> harmless butterfly costumes.  

Harmless?  I think not!

> Linux, has done the same with its pudgy cute
> penguin.  You might want to rethink your mascot.

Yes, Tux is cute.  As is beastie... it's all a matter
of personal preference.  Cuteness, as is beauty, is in
the eye of the beholder.

Here's a suggestion.  I'm sure the OpenBSD
( mailing list would love to hear from
you.  Their mascot is a cute little, non-offensive
blowfish.  What could go wrong there?
> Edward Hendrie

Note: the previous paragraph I typed in jest. 
Stereotypically, the OpenBSD mailing list tends to be
somewhat hostile to off topic subjects, brought about
by newbies such as myself.

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