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> Hi Uli and the rest of the FreeBSD forum:
> Thanks for your advice - though I am not entirely sure what the
> purpose of your last questions are.
> To answer though:
> My HD is about 1.2G - it is sharing 2.0G with another OS.
> /usr    ~ 778M
> usr/ports ~247M
> total /usr being used is ~595M  with about 183M free.
> The problem is not disk space - it appears to be file handles.  
> Remember, those ports files are only about 0.5K each - so lots of
> inodes are being used in file infrastructure.  Midnight Comm which I
> use for a lot of file navigation indicates that I had 99838 inodes
> available - of which there are now only 602 free!   Yesterday that was
> about 900, but then I mirrored part of a friend's website and used
> another 300. As you can see, I need to free up some file handling
> capability.
> Thanks for any further advice you can give.
> Cheers,  Graham/

Hi Graham

You might consider using a file-backed disk (see the handbook sec 12.11)
for your portstree. This should save a lot of inodes at the cost of
wasting some space on your hd.

Something along the lines of:

1) Point workdirs and distfiles to directories outside the ports dir by
setting the environmental variables WRKDIRPREFIX and DISTDIR (man

2) Estimate what will be the maximum size of your portstree for the
lifetime of your setup, create a file of this size and make it into a
file-backed disk.

3) Mount this file-backed disk on /usr/ports.

For this to be meaningful you obviously have to remove your current
portstree and build one on your file-backed disk.

I'm running a setup similar to this for sharing ports between jails
without any problems.

(You might even be able to create the file-backed disk on the slice you
sharing with another OS and gain some space on /usr, if needed.)

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