Derrick MacPherson <dmacpherson <at>> writes:

> I am trying to move as much of our servers as I can to FreeBSD, and
> there's a few boxes that they have here that the RAM is a about 2 mm
> high and requires the case (1U machines) to press on the RAM when
> closed. These machines run RH Linux for months without a problem, yet 3
> out of 4 I just pulled are giving RAM parity problems during FreeBSD
> instalation. 
> Does FreeBSD not allow/recover from those types of errors the same way
> Linux does? Any solutions?

I posted this last week and hadn't seen a repsonse to it, is there someone that
cares to take a poke at this? Just wondering if there's some form of memory
checking that's going on that Linux would not have, or not have turned on by
default. This is failry important as I would MUCH rther be running FreeBSD 4.10
than RedHat 9.


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