I am very intrigued by some of the features that Network Appliance (NetApp) has for 
its network attached arrays.  Chiefly:
        snapmirror      http://www.netapp.com/products/filer/snapmirror.html
which allows real time replication of a filesystem(s) over a WAN - and saves bandwidth 
by transferring changes only.

        snapshot copies http://www.netapp.com/products/snapshot.html
which provides point-in-time snapshots of a filesystem(s) that can be returned to at 
any time - it keeps track of changes only (after the original snapshot data is created)
So ... if I want to use some features like this on my home fileserver (replicating to 
a friends fileserver over T1) ... do I have any hope of achieving these features with 
standard UNIX tools and scripts, or do I really need to buy things made by NetApp (or 
their competitors) to get features like this ?

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