In the last episode (Jun 14), Rajamani, Rajarajan (Rajarajan) said:
> I have installed the spamassassin milter and the clam av milter ports
> and have made the following changes to the file.
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin', `S=local:/var/run/spamass-milter.sock, 
> F=,T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`clmilter',`S=local:/var/run/clamav/clmilter.sock, 
> F=,T=S:4m;R:4m')dnl
> define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `spamassassin, clmilter')
> then restarted sendmail by # make, # make install,# make restart, #
> newaliases
> Now I am noticing that all mails that are being sent directly to my
> machine are tagged properly both for spam and viruses.  Mails that
> are sent from one account to another are not being scanned.

I think this is because milters only act on things received via the TCP
port.  If you pipe a message into /usr/bin/sendmail or /usr/bin/mail,
that all gets skipped and the sendmail process dumps it directly into
the queue directory for delivery.
> Since I use fetchmail/fetchyahoo/gotmail to retreive my
> ISP/yahoo/hotmail accounts (where I get most spam), the mails
> delivered to my mbox are not scanned by either clamd or spamd. I
> checked that these tools are having the appropriate switches to
> forward the pop'd mails to my account instead of putting it directly
> into the mbox.
> Am I missing something. How do I force sendmail to use the mail
> filters for local mails. Any info would be appreciated.

I think you will have to configure your fetching tools to inject
messages to localhost port 25 or 587 instead of execing sendmail. 
Fetchmail should do this by default (it will fall back to execing
sendmil if the port isn't open); not sure about the others.

        Dan Nelson
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