We run a dial-up call center and are trying to find a replacement for
our old Cyclades multi-port serial cards which never worked all that
well. We purchased a USB to 8 serial port converter that uses an FTDI
chipset from byterunner.com. The serial ports are hot-pluggable (a nice
plus) and present as ucom0 through ucom7.

The ports work fine with minicom and modems, but NOT with getty. The
behaviour of ucomX appears to be similar to cuaaX, not ttydX -- dialing
a modem attached to ucomX yields auto-answer and a connect just fine,
but getty does not seem to notice that the line has been picked up and
does not seem to launch the subprocess.

Any insight or suggestions into getting this piece of hardware working
with getty would be most helpful.

(Related question: What is a canonical solution for building a FreeBSD
box that has many modems attached to it?)

Richard Kiss
Health Hero Network, Inc.
2570 El Camino Real, Suite 111
Mountain View, CA 94040

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