In the last episode (Jun 14), Richard Kiss said:
> We run a dial-up call center and are trying to find a replacement for
> our old Cyclades multi-port serial cards which never worked all that
> well. We purchased a USB to 8 serial port converter that uses an FTDI
> chipset from The serial ports are hot-pluggable (a
> nice plus) and present as ucom0 through ucom7.
> The ports work fine with minicom and modems, but NOT with getty. The
> behaviour of ucomX appears to be similar to cuaaX, not ttydX --
> dialing a modem attached to ucomX yields auto-answer and a connect
> just fine, but getty does not seem to notice that the line has been
> picked up and does not seem to launch the subprocess.

Sounds like a bug in ucom.  It's also missing the init and lock
devices.  You might be able to get away with simply removing the
UCOM_CALLOUT_MASK from the make_dev() call on line 186 of ucom.c.  That
looks like it will convert ucomX to a callin device.

A correct fix would probably be to copy all the code in dev/sio/sio.c
related to the "devs" array to ucom.c, and name the devices "ttyuX" and
"cuauX" instead of "ucomX".

        Dan Nelson
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