Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
Last night before this morning, I was browsing fine
with kde's konqueror. I don't remember doing anything
about my system rather than dialing through ppp. This
morning, when I ppp to dial into internet... my
external modem established a successful
connection(because I can see the LED's are lightened
up the way I usually see it).

   But when I launch the konqueror and typed something
in the address bar and hit enter, it says <Unknown

Next, I tried browsing through Links in my shell
but it still says Unknown Host. I even rebooted my
machine and tried dialing again.. but still says
<unknown host> whichever browser I use.

I've tried to ping and it replied. I've
tried to ping but it says there
was an error.

Does the error looks like that: ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

   I've type ifconfig in the shell and it returned
something like 198.0.2...---->198.3.4...(just an
example) at the bottom which indicates that I have a
successful connection with my isp and they have
provided me with a public ip address.

I'm sending this email to you from Windows and I'm pretty sure that my external modem is working fine.

Question: Do you have any idea what could have happened with my pc? I honestly think that I've been hacked and I am being denied of service. Now, I only have one thing in my mind... to back up my files and reformat my freebsd partition.

It could be a DNS issue. Can you try to ping,,, or
If you get a reply, try to enter them into your browser.

If that works, try to get the DNS server address under windows and enter it in /etc/resolv.conf

 If you know something better than formatting my pc,
please tell me where should I begin...

One last thing...
  Other than those of recovered vi sessions, I can
read some unusual mails about system occurances etc..
when I logged in as a root(but I dont know what they
really mean)
Looking forward to your kindness,
-jay  :=(

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