Thompson, Jimi wrote:

From a marketing
perspective, you are shooting yourselves in the foot.  There are many


of various religious backgrounds who will be dissuaded from trying


because they have religious objections to a product that is promoted

by a


Why should The FreeBSD project be interested in users ? It is not a commerial project. I think the FreeBSD folks are interested in making a cool unix-like operating system, not much else.


My personal view is that the "daemon" logo performs as pre-filter to
help us locate "reasonable" users. You are either a sufficiently
advanced as a person to "deal" using a product that has a daemon for a
logo, in which case we welcome you as a user of one of the finest
operating systems around. If you are not sufficiently advanced to
handle this concept then you won't use our product in which case the
only thing we miss out on dealing with yet another religious bigot.
Where's the downside? </SOAPBOX>

2 cents,


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My thoughts exactly. It is a kind of intelligence test and filter. Like the rest of freebsd, you either "get it" or you dont. Freebsd is not for everyone.

Im kind of turning into a freebsd zealot though. Its almost good enough to worship.
If beastie could be considered a god he is not a jealous god like the jewish one. Although there are plenty of people who have given their hearts and souls to the project, but it is not compulsory.
There are plenty more that sleep well of a night knowing that beastie is looking out for them.
Prayers to beastie via freebsd-questions seem to be answered quite promptly. I dont know of any other god that has as good a track record. I dont like being blown off with that "he works in mysterious ways" crap.

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