15 Jun 2004 08:19:04 -0400, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> > how can I compile just the base system (sysinstall's minimal install)
> > from CURRENT sources in /usr/src into DESTDIR=/some/nonstandard/path?
> > 
> > I don't need the complete system, just the stuff that is normally
> > available under /cdrom/base on a RELEASE CD (packed) or, if that is
> > too hard, the unpacked files.
> I'm having trouble understanding the goal here.
> In what way does "make world" not fit the bill?

>From /usr/obj, I need only the set of files that are part of the
minimal base system. This minimal system is then net-installed
onto embedded devices with severely limited CF/Disk space.

So I need a way to turn a subset of the contents of /usr/obj
(on a host system) into the set of files that constitute the
base system as available on the RELEASE CDs. These files will
then be fetched via NFS by the embedded devices' sysinstall.

There is certainly some magic in .mk files to do this. I'm just
too blind to find it...


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