> Hi!
> Well, ok, I assume that you got a Dl 380 Generation 1, with the white
> case, and also 4U form factor, that has an ida RAID controller as
> PCI-card.

That is correct.

> I had one of those running with FreeBSD 4.7, later updated to 4.8-stable
> with cvsup.
> Ok, I had only one CPU in, and I had the OS type in SETUP set to NT4. Do
> not set to
> linux or SCO, that could impose problems.

I checked the OS setting in Setup.  It was set to NT, however changing
it to anything besides NT only seemed to change one of the PCI boards
from using IRQ 5 to use IRQ 10 instead.  I don't think that would make
the difference anyway, but what do I know. Any other ideas?


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