Hi Folks,

I'm will be retiring my old and trusty rackmount machine soon and will
be purchasing a new one to replace it. The old one was a home-grown
combination of hardware, fitting into a 2U chassis.

For its replacement however, I am looking for a more professional
system, including professional (hardware) support if needed, because I
will be trying to run some paid services of it.
Something from a vendor like Dell, IBM or HP/Compaq.
Something that preferably fits into 1U and can give me some degree of
hardware fault tolerance like a raid5 built-in on 3 disks.
I have seen something like this coming from Dell for example (allthough
I'd really rather use 2x AMD64, which Dell doesn't do ..)

Anyway, who is using FreeBSD in a professional world on hardware like
this ? Anyone with a recommendation?
This 'swap' won't happen untill Q4 this year, so it will be running
5-STABLE then. Please take this new platform into consideration for when
recommending new hardware.

Stephan (asking as a individual; not in behalf of any company)

Stephan van Beerschoten                    [KeyID: 0x08F12864]
"If you are adminstering UNIX systems and don't master tools
such as make, shell, and perl, then you are working too hard."
 -- Wietse Venema. Fri, 12 Dec 2003

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