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I have the FreeBSD Handbook on a computer hard drive. There isn't any
mention of the line commands that FreeBSD uses or recognizes in the
handbook. Where do I find these?

Others have given many good tips for learning "newbie" things, but one thing you might want to think about is buying a good tutorial level book, I've found "FreeBSD Unleashed" to be helpful and a very old cpoy of "The Complete FreeBSD" still comes in handy, I'd imagine a new edition would be even more handy.

Another good book is O'Reilly's "UNIX in a nutshell", It's of more use once you've got some conception of how this beast called UNIX actually works, since it's intended as a reference, but even after seven years of running various flavors of UNIX both at home and at work, I still find myself reaching for it at times.

As a bit of a plug, "The Complete FreeBSD" is the book that got me up and running, Oh, so long ago. It's a damn fine tome and I highly recommend it. One of the best UNIX books on the market, IMHO.

Hi Lloyd,

Others have already mentioned the "Basics" section of the Handbook.
I just wanted to add two more references that might be handy to get
you started:

 1. Anderson, Annelise.  "For People New to Both FreeBSD and UNIX(TM)".

 2. Gonzato, Guido.  "From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO".

It might intrigue some and seem curious to others that I---a long time
FreeBSD user and advocate---would point to a Linux HOWTO.  The truth is
that most of the tips that apply for getting people acquainted with
Linux are also good advice for using *any* UNIX system.

As Giorgos says, any Linux tutorial is probably worthwile. Linux and FreeBSD are different, but at a user level the "flavor" of both is largely the same. A linux tutorial will at least use the same command names(mostly) as FreeBSD but the options might differ. Remember, the man command is your friend.

If you have the option you want to spend some time just playing before you try to do anything useful. Just try to do things, learn the environment, &c. Just by trying do get stuff done you'll learn an amazing amount in a very short time.

Welcome to FreeBSD then,

Seconded, enjoy the journey.

- Giorgos

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