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> I use a tunnel from Hurricane Electric

I wholeheartedly recommending HE's IPv6 tunnels.  I used Freenet6 for quite
a while and it worked well for the most part, but I had several compelling
reasons to move:

1) It requires a special client to regularly authenticate against their
   server to keep your tunnel configuration intact.  If your client does not
   do this, then they will delete your tunnel.  The problem is that by
   default this client only runs when you boot your server (from an rc.d
   script).  If your server is stable and has substantial uptimes, then the
   period between client runs may be great enough to trigger the tunnel
   deletion.  This has happened to me.

2) The whole system is slightly flaky.  If you follow the mailing list,
   there are occasional outbreaks of can't-connect-itis when their tunnel
   server is down.  Their actualy IPv6 network may be up, but you can't
   always authenticate to it.

3) Their netblock is in the deprecated "6bone" address space.  Addresses
   starting with "3ffe" are slated to die in mid-2006.  From RFC 3701:

       Thus after the 6bone phaseout date June 6, 2006, it is the intent
       that no 6bone 3FFE prefixes, of any size/length, be used on the
       Internet in any form.  Network operators may filter 3FFE prefixes on
       their borders to ensure these prefixes are not misused.

   If you plan on making a long-term commitment to IPv6, then that may not
   be the best neighborhood to move into right now.

4) Because Freenet6 lives in the 6bone, you only get for reverse
   DNS.  This is deprecated in favor of, although most clients and
   servers still support

I don't mean any of this as a slam against Freenet6.  I used their service
for quite a while and enjoyed it as my first foray into the IPv6 Internet.
However, I believe that better free alternatives exist.  After much looking
around, I chose to use Hurricane Electric's services and have been happy
with the decision.
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
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