I am always happy to help. I am a real newbie to FBSD
I have been using it for about 6 months. In the early 
80's I used cli on Unix V when I worked for the Death
Star company. I was then forced to migrate to Dos and
then to Windows because all the clients needed any
correspondence or proposals in word or excel.
Now that I am retired (the only way to live) I have
played around with linux and have now migrated to FBSD.

I have learned quite a bit in 6 months by lurking and
installing and re-installing and re-installing on 4 
different systems that I have pieced together. 
Read, study, take notes, lurk and most of all try it out. there is no substitute for 
There is so much to learn that this hobby is getting 
in the way of my beach time.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and always provide
as much info as possible. Better to be verbose rather
than brief.

With that said, be sure to cc the list when answering
questions or giving info. There are a lot of us lurking out
there and are waiting for the answer.

When you use the linux page, make sure you check the
options against the man pages on your system. There are
differrences and they will bite!

Have fun

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From: Lloyd Hayes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 5:04 pm
Subject: Re: FreeBSD Commands

> Thanks for the link and the Welcome. In looking at the website, it 
> appears to be what the doctor ordered.
> For the record, I have been looking at the UNIX type software and 
> operating system for some time now. Obviously not at the details of 
> the 
> line commands and setup, but at the software that it runs, and it's 
> stability related to older equipment. This older Gateway that I am 
> installing FreeBSD on is a good example. I think that I bought it 
> around 
> February 1998. I special ordered it at the time from Gateway. It 
> serves 
> as my backup computer now, and recently served as my primary 
> computer 
> while my main laptop was in the shop. There is nothing wrong with 
> the 
> old Gateway and it works fine. I'm an owner/operator truck driver. 
> The 
> entire trucking industry revolves around computers and has for many 
> years. Putting this a different way, without a computer I would be 
> out 
> of business. I get my loads over the Internet. My logbook is a 
> computer 
> program. I scan and email paperwork into the office, and receive 
> paperwork the same way.
> FreeBSD has been around longer then any of the Linux distributions, 
> although I have considered some of them. My brother has a MAC that 
> he 
> thinks is great. MacIntosh runs a version of FreeBSD.  Plus I 
> figured 
> that there was more support for FreeBSD then any other operating 
> system 
> outside of Windows. Also in very limited ways, it appears that 
> FreeBSD 
> is ahead of Linux in the development curve. Ways that keep older 
> equipment in use. (Simply buying new equipment every few months to 
> keep 
> up with Mr. Gates is for the birds....)
> Thanks for the "Welcome."
> (I'll work on everyone's suggestions later in the week and see if I 
> can 
> figure things out. It appears that my xf86config file has a bug in 
> it.)
> Lloyd Hayes
> URL: 
> E-FAX Number: (208) 248-6590
> Web Journal:
> >Since Giorgos crossed the line to linux :)
> >here is a site that has all of the man pages
> >at your fingertips. For someone new to *nix,
> >knowing what to ask is harder than asking.
> >
> >
> >
> >Welcome to FreeBSD. It is the best.
> >
> >Robert
> >

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