OK seems now I am really confused.
Apparently I do not have my network (card) set up right.
When I configure my network card.
There are the following items
IPv4 Gateway:
Configuration for interface x10
IPv4 Address
Extra options

What I have is 
Host Ginger (made up)
Domain (blank)
IPv4 Gateway blank
Name server (router)
Config for x10
IPv4 Address (assigned by the router)
netmask : 0xffffff00
Extra blank

The router has the mac address as 00:03:6d:14:08:df
I just want to set up a server accesable by my local network.
Where do I go from here.
I looked at the rc.conf file and it shows I am running 'named' server.
Do I need to configure this.
I've got The Complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey
which is helping a great deal, but I have been playing with 
Unix for about a week and half now.
Sorry to say I am a windows guy.

  Seems like the ServerName you selected is unknown to the DNS system. 
  Maybe the answer to your question is in the comments to the ServerName definition in 
  >  # If your host doesn't have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address here.
  Otherwise if you prefer to use your "invented" host name, you may try to set up a 
local DNS server that will resolve it for you.
  - Kjell
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