Graham Bentley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello to all you FreeBSD guys (and girls:)

There are girsl on this mailing list?! ... (fixes hair ...)


> Heres my immediate shortlist :-
> Setting up DHCP for LAN Clients
> Synchronising time for LAN Clients
> Setting up Samba to Share Files on a Wingroup
> Setting up a print server for Winclients
> Using Samba as a Virtual CD-ROM Server
> Web Services (Apache / FTP)
> Admin access over ssh
> LAN Mail Hub (Postifx / Fetchmail?)
> Checking for security / software updates

In addition to what's been said before, install portaudit and use portupgrade
when it tells you there are problems ... very nice!

> I also wondered if there is a project based on FreeBSD that
> achieves similar goals to SME Server (ie all in one LAN server
> with Web config) or similar to Trustix (ie minimal config with
> series of scripts to configure server services.

Not that I know of, but it sure would be a nice project, huh?

> I would also welcome comments on FreeBSD security / frequency of updates
> and how to keep the installation updated ?

Subscribe to FreeBSD-security@ and update when the alerts on that list tell you.
Use portaudit for ports.

> Also, what is the roadmap / lifespan of FreeBSD ? ... best reference I know of.

> Sorry about the length of this post :)

The only problem I had was the length of blank space at the end of it ... ;)

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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