Graham Bentley wrote:

Thanks for that Jorn :)

I am still elarning (guess I'll never stop :)

I did a minimal config of FreeBSD and wanted
to use Midnight Commander

(I know this isnt that secure and its a bit of a crutch
but its good for noobs like me)

Anyway, there was 7 porgs missing all of which
DL'ed and compiled but it took 35 minutes !!!

I suppose you don't want to compile KDE or from source then. KDE took me roughly ten hours and roughly twelve hours, including the java installation. *grin*

Is it possible to install just the binary (stoopid
question if that binary needs libs / other progs
to be installed first :)

You can install packages, yes. Just use the pkg_add command. However, I believe that the wonder of Open Source is that we compile the source code ourselves. If you're a fan of packages and RPMs, then you might as well use Bill's software then *ducks*

Next I am reading about cvsup but yesterday it
took *ages* to install/compile as I chose the
wrong one with modular support !!!

So, I will learn how to do minimal install first.
Then cvsup. Then security updates.

It's advicable to download the latest kernel sources and recompile your kernel. Get the stable-supfile, located at /usr/share/examples/cvsup, edit it to point to your proper version of FreeBSD (RELENG_5_2 for FreeBSD 5.2.1 and RELENG_4_10 for FreeBSD 4.10) and your proper mirror Do this by typing the following command:

# cvsup -g -L 2 stable-supfile

Once that is finished, read the part of the handbook, and start from: Procedure 2. Building a Kernel the ``New'' Way.

If your kernel is finished, you'll have all the current paches already. Again, see the link for more information on how to recompile your kernel. It might sound hard in the beginning, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it..

After that I really learn how to install services :)

I have found this site good :-

That is a nice site, yes. You might want to consider reading a few pages of the FreeBSD handbook as well

Do you know any other *Step by Step* sites ?

Not really, but I really suggest you take a peek at the handbook.

Thanks !

You're welcome.

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