> Graham Bentley wrote:
> >Thanks for that Jorn :)
> >
> >I am still elarning (guess I'll never stop :)
> >
> >I did a minimal config of FreeBSD and wanted
> >to use Midnight Commander
> >
> >(I know this isnt that secure and its a bit of a crutch
> >but its good for noobs like me)
> >
> >Anyway, there was 7 porgs missing all of which
> >DL'ed and compiled but it took 35 minutes !!!
> >  
> >
> I suppose you don't want to compile KDE or OpenOffice.org from source 
> then. KDE took me roughly ten hours and OpenOffice.org roughly twelve 
> hours, including the java installation. *grin*
> >Is it possible to install just the binary (stoopid
> >question if that binary needs libs / other progs
> >to be installed first :)
> >  
> >
> You can install packages, yes. Just use the pkg_add command. However, I 
> believe that the wonder of Open Source is that we compile the source 
> code ourselves. If you're a fan of packages and RPMs, then you might as 
> well use Bill's software then *ducks*

That advice may be OK for some things, but it doesn't make sense
to make yourself compile such behemoths as Openoffice and etc 
unless you are in to pain and suffering for your entertainment.
Download the packages from the creator/maintainer and pkg_add
them.   They already make a version compiled just for FreeBSD.
For Openoffice, check out:   

I used that and it works and works just fine.   There was an error in
the instructions though.   When you get done with the pck_add you need
to run it to config.  
That is:  /usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.0/program/soffice
instead of what they say.   That depends a little, also on where
you install it.  This depends on installing it in:

As for the rest of the advice, yah, learn cvsup, the worlds, etc
But, when there are good packages available, don't be shy about
using them.   This is a practical thing.   It ain't about how
much macho-man you are.

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