Graham Bentley wrote:

Have to say this :-

I have used alot of online resources and have had help
in many forms from far and wide.

Sometimes I have received ridicule and criticism and
condescending remarks for my inquisitiveness and
sometimes stupid questions.

I believe your inquisitivity is more of a reason for us to reply (at least, for me). As long as you want to invest time in the OS, then I personally want to help out the person more if I can.

But as a new FreeBSD user I am amazed at the first off response and help I have had.

Unbiased, polite, patient and informative.

Hats off to FreeBSD supporters everywhere !

Its a great community !!!

Thanks Graham,

I never really got into another mailing list then FreeBSD, but I know these guys are great. I always get a reply very quickly if I have a question. As long as you use the proper English and remain polite, then you'll almost always get a reply on your question sooner or later. Perhaps the list is a bit more "mature" then other lists. (13 -14 year old kiddies that are rude, not willing to spend time into others (bad me for saying that as an 18 year old kid))

Ehh, anyway, it's nice to hear a positive reaction for a change  :)


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