Hey Graham,

Graham Bentley wrote:

Have to say this :-

I have used alot of online resources and have had help
in many forms from far and wide.

Same goes for me ;)

Sometimes I have received ridicule and criticism and condescending remarks for my inquisitiveness and sometimes stupid questions.

So did i, also when i had a patch available etc, for a simple minor thing i got shouted at {well not litarly but.. ;) }

But as a new FreeBSD user I am amazed at the first off response and help I have had.

Well, as Jorn already said, i think this community is more mature, really want to help eachother, so everyone profits from it. So it's a honor to answer some questions from time to time (and ask questions as well) for me ;-)

Unbiased, polite, patient and informative.

How else would one get a clear explaination of what to do etc?

Hats off to FreeBSD supporters everywhere !

I'd agree

Its a great community !!!

Indeed, and you can make it better, by keep saying this ;) and trying to help us out (documentation project for example). Just a thought ;)

Cheers dude!

Thanks for the good news and your opinion

Kind regards,

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