I forgot to add to this ... that if you monitor tcp/ip traffic with
tcpdump you can compare a sucessful connection on the internal lan with
a failure on when trying to connect to something on the internet.

Doing this you can see the syn-ack-syn process of a successful
pop/smtp/www connection on the lan, but when attempting to connect to on
the wan the reason it fails is because there is no reply to the inital
syn request, or subsequent syn requests sent out when the first one
fails to get a reply. I have cannot connect using ssh on the lan to test

If ANYONE has a solution to this .. please post to me as well as this
list. I only made these posts to show that this is not an isolated
incident and defies sense trying to diagnose. I will post again when I
take the router out of the equation and replace with a windows box doing
connection sharing. That should be enough to start blaming the dlink if
it works with the windows box.

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 23:49, bob wrote:
> I have had exactly the same experience with linux, using mandrake 10.
> Everything works from my linux box on the lan to other hosts on the lan.
> When I try to telnet on ports 22(ssh),25(smtp),80(http) and 110(pop3)
> NOTHING WORKS. I can browse the web and send/recieve email with
> Evolution/Thunderbird/Firefox without any problems BUT I cannot use
> telnet for anything outside of the LAN when I am on my Linux box. My
> windows laptop can do everything (I didn't try ssh because the windows
> box doesn't have a client).
> The only constant factor in this is the D-Link 504t. This has other
> faults in it anyway, such as not restricting remote access to the
> web-login screen once the latest firmware is installed. They missed out
> essential features such as being able to configure the time when it
> shipped, along with the option to connect on demand which was documented
> in the mannual but not present in the config dispite being shown in
> mannual's photographs. Not only this but the mannual was wrong on some
> points too, showing a feature in one part of the web-config when it had
> been moved to another section after the mannual was written.
> Is anyone getting suspicious of the quality of this router ? I use it,
> and it works, expect for this problem. I don't trust it very much though
> and I will be glad to see the back of it when I upgrade, unless dlink
> fix the problems listed above and restore my faith in this product.

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