Hi list,

I read http://www.linuxgazette.com/node/view/9074 and tried to adopt this
script to my ipfw firewall:

tail -f /var/log/security | \
  awk '
$0 ~ /ICMP/ {
system("cat /root/sounds/icmp.wav > /dev/dsp ");
$0 ~ /TCP/ {
system("cat /root/sounds/tcp.wav > /dev/dsp ");
$0 ~ /UDP/ {
system("cat /root/sounds/udp.wav > /dev/dsp ");

This is what I got. However, sounds won't play one after another. e.g, if
3 packets are blocked at the same time, 2 TCP and one UDP, the system will
always wait for a sound to finish before playing the next. I want it to be
able to play the sounds in sequence (as fast as possible), but I couldn't
figure a way out!

Any shell script guru could give an helping hand? ;)



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