Nicolás de Bari Embríz G. R. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all, right now I am using freebsd 4.9 but I would like to update to
> 4.10-STABLE but I have a problem, I want to do this on a dedicated server
> the one is in  another country and miles away from me, so I am planing to
> do this over ssh.
> what I plan to do is a cvsup to get the latest release then:
>  1.  `cd /usr/src'
>  2.  `make buildworld'
>  3.  `make buildkernel KERNCONF=MY_KERNEL'
>  4.  `make installkernel KERNCONF=MY_KERNEL'

 5. `cp -Rp /etc /etc.backup' # You can never have too many backups!

>  6.  `mergemaster -p'
>  7.  `make installworld'
>  8.  `mergemaster'
>  9.  `reboot'
> Also I have Perl installed from ports so I have commented the #NOPERL=   
> true on /etc/make.conf
> I will appreciate some help, tips or recommendations for doing this so I
> can update my system.

BTW: I just did this earlier this evening on a server 4 hours away and
everything went fine.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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