I am having some problems with startkde. I have looked through 
the mailing list archive and the handbook and am still stuck. I set up 
my machine to run KDE as per the handbook chapter on the X window 
system. When I type startx KDE runs fine, when I type startkde I get 
the following output;
  xset: unable to open display ""
  xsetroot: unable to open display ''
  startkde: starting up
  ksplash: cannot connect to X Server
  kdeinit: aborting. $DISPLAY ot set
  Warning: Connect() failed: :no such file or directory
  ksmserver: cannot connect to X server
  startkde: shutting down...
  warning: connect() failed: :no such file or directory
  Error: Can't contact kdeinit!
  startkde: running shutdown scripts
  startkde: done 

When I run kdm the login screen loads but when I log in nothing 
happens, The login screen is just loaded again. I think That this may 
have somthing to do with startkde not working. Any help would be great 
as I can't figure out whats going wrong.



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