On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Andy Harrison wrote:


first of all I have to correct my test results:
        Not correct:
        .bash_profile. If the alias is set in .cshrc:
        alias vi vim
        screen is running vim when typing vi (although the shell is still
        Screen in acting correctly when shell is set to csh (then screen
        reads the .cshrc). Screen is not reading the .cshrc while bash is
        the shell

> This is a total shot in the dark, but I wonder if this little section
> of the manual might apply.

And a hit

> daemon, usually `rshd'.  If Bash determines it is being run by rshd, it
> reads and executes commands from `~/.bashrc', if that file exists and
> is readable.  It will not do this if invoked as `sh'.  The `--norc'

It is true that screen while bash is the shell is only looking for the
.bashrc file in the home directory. I copied .bash_profile to .bashrc and
then everything worked (the same effect as "shell -$SHELL" in .screenrc).

So thanx for helping.

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