I'm new to FreeBSD and am trying to work on a remote server. I started out with 5.2, but it was a NIGHTMARE trying to install the combination of software I want, because certain ports didn't work, certain packages didn't work, and I had to use older versions than what I wanted sometimes. In configuring the system, I had to reinstall Python. From that moment on I have had the following problem:

Connecting via SSH displays the login prompt immediately, but after typing a username it takes between 30 seconds to 60+ for the password prompt to appear. Sometimes Putty times out waiting for a connection.

Blaming 5.2 for my problems, I had the drive wiped and 4.9 installed... and the password prompt still takes forever to appear. Anyone know what's going on? I heard something about FreeBSD doing a DNS on every connecting IP and that adding my IP (which is unfortunately not static) to etc/hosts would bypass the lookup... but it still takes a long time.

For about 2 weeks before I screwed up the system, I could SSH in with no problems. What's odd is that a fresh install of 4.9 is doing the same thing.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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