finally i received my new raid-controller, bu i have problems installing FreeBSD on it 

I tried different releases and current snapshots...

w ACPI: Loading twa.ko (binary distribution of 3ware.com for 5.2) in            
sysinstall failes.
w/o ACPI: same as w ACPI.

w ACPI: loaded twa.ko in sysinstall.
        install went ok, on next reboot it just halts after BTX-Loader.
        I cannot load twa.ko in loader.
w/o ACPI: same as w ACPI.

identical to 5.2 Release.

w ACPI: install went ok, on next reboot the following message scrolls           the 
screen and it reboots:
        "Console internal keyboard/video" (or sth. like that)
w/o ACPI: same as w ACPI.

identical to 5.2-CURRENT-20040420

identical to 5.2-CURRENT-20040420

I attached a normal and a verbose-dmesg.

As I'm new to BSD i don't know what to do now.



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