Hi all,

I hope someone out there can give me a hand with this important query!!!!!!

My company has a freebsd server that is used as a secondary DNS server. Our ISP also get our DNS entries from this server (they shadow them on thier servers). Since this morning, no-one has been able to send email to us, connect via vpn or anything else for that matter. External connections from the company are workign fine (i.e. we can send emails - just not recieve them!) Our ISP has said that they have checked and their shadow dns servers have no information in them. They have attempted to pick up this information from my freebsd server but supposedly this has returned no information.

I have looked in the /usr/local/etc/namedb directory and can see 2 fioles that contain the dns information: db.company.co.uk.external and db.company.co.uk.internal

Is there anything I have to do to get these picked up? My freebsd/unix knowledge is basic unfortunatley. Is it maybe that the dns service is not started? Am I looking in the wrong place for the DNS files?

Any help greatly appreciated

Best regards


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