I've been running an AX4B-533 motherboard for the longest time, but, in order to make use of an SATA drive I just bought, I figured I'd upgrade the motherboard instead of buying an interface card ... got the motherboard, transfer'd all my old components to the new one ... and boot hangs.

I can get to the BIOS, it recognizes my drives ... it gets to the boot blocks, where I can hit F1 to go to FreeBSD ... then it just sits there indefinitely ...

I know that hitting F1 has done something, since the screen scrolls up a couple of lines, same as when it boots normally, but instead of getting that 'twirling -' that I would expect, nothing ...

Has anyone had experience with the AX4SPE-UN board? Is there something semi-obvious I should be trying? A BIOS setting that I need to change from the default maybe?

The system is running -CURRENT last updated on June 11th ...

Thanks ...

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