Ive managed to mount the CF card in my multicard reader:

/dev/da0s1     129254    31334    97920    24%    /mnt/CF

But not the SD card port on the same reader.
I'm guessing it's /dev/da1s1 but I used MAKEDEV on it and I still can't mount it.

$ sudo mount -t msdos /dev/da1s1      /mnt/SD
msdos: /dev/da1s1: Device not configured

$ ls -d /dev/da1*
/dev/da1        /dev/da1e       /dev/da1s1a     /dev/da1s1f     /dev/da1s4
/dev/da1a       /dev/da1f       /dev/da1s1b     /dev/da1s1g
/dev/da1b       /dev/da1g       /dev/da1s1c     /dev/da1s1h
/dev/da1c       /dev/da1h       /dev/da1s1d     /dev/da1s2
/dev/da1d       /dev/da1s1      /dev/da1s1e     /dev/da1s3

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