I was wondering if anyone can comment on the following :-

I am looking to install some CMS software and to run my 
web site long term on FreeBSD.

I am thinking something on the lines of phpWebsite,
PostNuke/PhpNuke or similar (ie easy for me to install
and maintain / update - don't need buckets of features
just basic simple / effective / reliable)

I'll need Apache, MySQL, PHP

I read somewhere once that after the initial install and
update of FreeBSD all that was required was a simple
make in the postnuke ports directory and this action
woudl go away and fetch everything that was required,
install it and write out basic / sensible conf files then run
the appropriate services.

If this is true, and it works then I am even more impressed
with FreeBSd than I first thought.

So, if you are using any kind of CMS for your website and
have done the above can you make recommendations ?

Thanks 3BSDee'ers !
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