On Saturday 19 June 2004 06:15 pm, Chris Smith wrote:

> Is there an easier to manage solution that DOESN'T involve qmail where I
> don't need to give users REAL accounts?

I'm using Cyrus IMAP (and POP) on my FreeBSD server.  There is no direct 
correlation between Cyrus accounts and system accounts, unless you go out of 
your way to make it so.  Authentication can be against a private database, 
Kerberos, an LDAP server, or anything else you can bind Cyrus SASL to.  Also, 
while I'd previously used Sendmail as the MTA, I recently switched to Postfix 
without changing a single bit of the backend configuration.  I mention this 
because it was important to me that I not be tied to a particular MTA.

Hope this helps!
Kirk Strauser

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