Hi Lloyd,

   Let me share you my experience with learning
freebsd. I promise you... you'll throw away those
expensive books that you have bought after reading my

    A few months ago, I was totally a Windows user.
I've already heard about Linux from a friend but not
exactly Unix.. That friend of mine was convincing me
to use the same OS he's using but I refused to cause
I've seen nothing graphical with he's OS(running the
whole thing in Terminal without using any Desktop
environment). But then something bright have sparked
in my mind and decided to search Google for "best
Operating System". And so I've landed on Windows,
Freebsd, MacOS and, Linux comparison.. Of the four
OS's featured, I've never heard anything about FreeBSD
and so I went to their site to find out more... And my
journey began there...
   After finishing the installation of Freebsd(using
only the handbook and nothing else) I've landed on
this so called terminal.. Mind you, I'm completely new
to Unix and I know not a thing, not even the "ls"
command.. Learning that FreeBSD is a Unix like
operating system, I began searching google for "Unix
commands" and I've downloaded something in PDF format
comparing the commands in MSDOS(which I'm used with)
and those that are used in Unix..
   And that's it!!! With a few resources at hand I was
able to do all of the things I used to do in Windows
without having too much trouble in FreeBSD.. 
Now, I'm still reading FreeBSD's Handbook and I'm
already on the Chapter 19-Advance Networking..
preparing my self for a career in Networking being
just a fresh graduate..
  I tell you... learning one thing is not about the
those fancy Documents and instructions that would help
you out along the way... It's about having that
willingness and passion to learn that thing.. It's
about having the confidence that, "hey, if they've
learned this, why can't I?!" Knowledge is a long race,
and don't you worry my friend.. you're not the last in
this race... 'cause no one has ever gone too far..

   Hope this thought would help you out and all of
those beginners like "us" whom would want to dwell
into the simple but complicated world of Unix

Regards to all Mailers

--- Lloyd Hayes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I finally decided that I needed to get more
> information on FreeBSD. I 
> got it up and running, then I did something else and
> I start getting 
> errors again....
> So I just ordered 3 books on FreeBSD from Amazon. In
> most of the reviews 
> posted there about the books, people were
> complaining about weak 
> documentation, too much information about things
> that they were not 
> interested in, and errors in the in the books which
> seems to be the most 
> common complaint. In my very short recent history
> with FreeBSD, I've 
> formed the opinion that documenting FreeBSD is it's
> greatest weakness. 
> FreeBSD needs someone who can actually type to write
> a good book for 
> beginners who have never seen UNIX code. A book is
> needed with examples 
> that actually WORK! Examples that are explained in
> plain English. There 
> seems to be very few books on FreeBSD around.
> I have decided that it is a very good operating
> system which I need to 
> learn more about. And yes, I have all of the links
> that everyone sent 
> me. Thanks for all of the info.
> -- 
> Lloyd Hayes
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