Bruce wrote:
> Hello all,
> Currently, I am running Gnome 2.6 and I am just wondering what cd
> burning software is really good from the ports collection? 
> I want to burn cd's from iso files or copy music cd's to cd's.
> Or make data cd's.

If you want something with gui, have a look at sysutils/xcdroast or
sysutils/k3b. Both need atapicam (if you own an IDE burner), and the
latter one is an KDE application, but it's really sophisticated.

As soon as you have atapicam in your kernel, GNOME's nautilus offers the
burn:/// location: Just drag and drop your stuff there, and click on the
"Write to CD" button when you're done (needs
sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner which should already be on your system).


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