On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 07:36:17AM -0400, Gerard Seibert wrote:
> I am using PGP version 8.03 < http://www.pgp.com/ >on my WinXP machines. My
> data is uploaded to a keyserver. PGP Corporation does not, as far as I can
> determine, market a FreeBSD or Linux version of this software.

No -- but they do produce a freeware version you can compile from
source on most Unixoid systems.
> My question would be what version of PGP available for FreeBSD would be most
> compatible with the version I have on my WinXP machines? Also, I would
> need the ability to upload to a keyserver.

Most people around here seem to be using gpg(1) -- that's from the
security/gnupg port.  It's a reimplementation of the PGP software
under the terms of the GPL, since NAI and now PGP Corporation seemed
to be heading towards a more restrictive licensing scheme on newer

As the file formats etc. for PGP are an open standard, you should be
able to use any of the popular Unix implementations more or less



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