I was currently getting help from a person for getting my wireless pc card 
working on my laptop when we both came to the conclusion that my kernel 
source had either not been installed, or was hiding very well.  I wasn't able 
to get a hold of the original install cd so I used a 5.0 release from a 
family members collection.

I attempted to remove 4.9 and cleanly install 5.0 onto the laptop but ran 
into some interesting errors and it has put me in quite a bind.

The drive for which I'm wanting to install FreeBSD on has been whipped clean 
but the 5.0 install cd hangs up when loading device drivers for the kernel.

At the moment I'm stuck on what to do myself, if there is a way to get the 
drive formatted so that I can try a clean install of 5.0 that would be great, 
but if not, 4.9 installed very cleanly.


ICQ : 26096369
AIM : itss0lidstate

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