>  I'm trying to install FreeBSD 4.10 on an older computer with a 852
>  MB hard disk. 
>  According to the handbook, 250 MB should suffice for text mode only.
>  However, both the "User" and (retried) "Minimal" distributions left
>  me with no space in /usr 
>  I used the default partitioning (entire disk) and said "No" to the
>  ports and linux compatibility prompts. 

        First, a question: what do you want this machine to do?
        852 MB should be enough.  Go with a "Custom" installation, and
you'll need to be utterly ruthless about not installing unneeded
distribution sets.
        Once you're up and running: a) compile a custom kernel, and b)
change the settings on newsyslog so you don't keep excess files
laying around.

                                Robert Huff

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