Greetings and salutations;

I am having a puzzling issue with natd under FreeBSD
5.2, in which it will translate icmp and udp packets
just fine, but tcp connections from the inside network
to the outside world cannot be established. I can
lookup hostnames, ping etc. from the internal client
box, but cannot establish a connection to any
tcp-based service.

Consider my configuration, with addresses changed to
implicate the guilty:

Gateway internal interface: xl1
Gateway internal ip:
Client internal ip:

Gateway external interface: xl0
Gateway external ip:

Proper kernel options in place.

ipfw configuration (more or less):

050 divert 8668 ip from any to any via xl0
100 allow ip from any to any

natd running properly against xl0

I can provide more detailed information (tcpdumps,
etc) if requested. Thanks.

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