> I'm curious as to whether this is only my opinion, or if others feel the
> same
> way.

I hope this thread in no way leads to a flame war, but I think this is a
good discussion. In no way would I like to bash or flame anyone, but users
who receive responses like this (albeit in this particular question, 'yes'
was technically a proper answer), I believe that the user (particularily
newbs) could quickly become very frustrated and pushed away as they may
see it as a quick and dirty response and feel their question in some way
was 'silly'.

Note that I believe that the only stupid question is the one that isn't
asked, but even those questions that are trivial to some of us deserve
some insight. We must look beyond our own knowledge and remember what it
was like for us when we first began the FBSD journey and realize that
single word responses are certainly not going to help.

Personally when I respond to a question, I try to put myself in the shoes
of the poster, and try to at least give a little insight or direction to
the question as if I asked it myself.

Although as someone has already said, these replies are likely attempts to
quickly help the user, they often mislead and discourage them instead.
It's great that everyone likes to help, but we all should remember the
importance that substance is key to aiding each other.

Just my .02. No offence intended, and no one is perfect, we can only try
our best to help.


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