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> hi all 
> I'm just getting to know my way round BSD now Ive got my box running and
> am happy with it i want to make it more useful.
> on my Linux boxes i set up ftp sources of applications (most of which i
> now keep a local copy.) and then just ask the package management tool to
> install it as long as all the deps are in my list it then dose it all
> for me.
> I'm guessing this is similar in bsd ?

Similar, but not quite the same.  You have ports an packages.  Ports are config
files that tell FreeBSD what needs done to install a particular software (such
as where to download it, what dependencies are required, and what commands
to run to compile and install it.)  Packages are build from ports (by doing
"make package" instead of "make install")

Thus the paradigm is a little different in FreeBSD than in most Linux distros.

A good place to pick up a lot about this:

> 1st question is, is there a list somewhere of available sites 

Each individual port has a list of download sites in its Makefile.  This
relieves the FreeBSD servers of the burdon of having to have _everything_

I don't know, offhand, where the list of package download sites for the
various pkg_* command is, but it's somewhere ;)

> 2nd is how do i point my box at them 

They're already configured.

> 3rd what is the command to tell it to install them 

You want to install the portupgrade port.
cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade && make install clean

Then, read the man page for portupgrade.  I recommend skipping down past all
the boring details and reading the examples _first_, then come back earlier
in the man page to read what all the specific options do.

Note that portupgrade gives you two specific options for upgrading: using a
package to upgrade, or upgrading from the ports collection.  It depends on
what options you give it.  Software installed from ports is normally newer,
while installing from packages goes faster because you don't have to wait
for the software to compile.


Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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