On 2004-06-21 01:42, Lloyd Hayes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'll repeat this so there is no misunderstanding. The people here have
> been great in their response to help! But there is also no getting
> around the fact that I am much older (54) and less able to absorb new
> ideas as fast....

ALoha Lloyd

Age and cunning will beat youth and speed most of the time. (IIRC) ;o)

<begin horn blowing>
I am 57 and installed my first linux distro about a year ago. Sice then I have
tried 5 different linux distros and was unsatisfied with each for various reasons.
Mostly because I didn't have total control over what is being installed from the iso
or from the packages. Gentoo does better than most by emulating FBSD.

In January I installed FreeBSD for the first time. Actually, I installed it about a 
times for the first time. I read the handbook and lurked on forums and subscribed to
the mailing lists (-newbies & -questions). 

I kept acquiring old systems and improving them. I now have FBSD installed on 4 
and my laptop. I still have sooooo much to learn and to do. I have a lot planned and 
will try
to do it myself with the aid of books/howtos and lurking. I also know that when I am
stuck, I can send to -questions and get quality (and quantity) answers.
<end horn blowing>

I agree with you. The people on this list and their responses are fantastic! I for one 
hope you stick with it. Keep your mind active and the ability to absorb will not 


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