In order to install latest ports of Apache1.3 and MySQL 4.20 - I received a system error informing me to upgrade expat2.

So I run my CVSUP get all the latest ports, then run it again with just upgrading the BASE.

Now I upgrade to expat2 (expat-1.95.7) which was successful according to pkg_info:

However, now I can't start X - when I attempt to, I get a gray screen, a working mouse pointer, and a small message window that reads: "could not start KDEInit. Check your installation." There is only an "ok" button and when I click it, it goes back to text mode, with another error message which is repeated several times:

"/libexec/ Shared object "" not found"

I've searched through threads and groups - no luck on this one. Why does this happen? I've recreated the issue 4 times on different machines with fresh installs of FreeBSD 5.2.1.

How do I upgrade expat2 without this problem?

Thanks very much for your advice,


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